FARWARMTH & Swan Palace

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Filipa Machado

The concert will take place at the Aquário, being compliant with the rules of social distancing provided by the DGS. The capacity is limited and use of mask is mandatory.

00:NEKYIA presents

FARWARMTH (Afonso Ferreira) and Swan Palace (Pedro Menezes), founders of the 00:NEKYIA collective, join ZDB in its cycle “A Vida Continua” with a bi-monthly residency focused on the collaboration of artists and the union values of the collective. As the first edition, Afonso and Pedro will present their own collaboration, both sound and visual, to mark the beginning of this cycle.

Swan Palace

Pedro Menezes plunges deep into the fog of our souls. Carving his identity through the inherent physicality of his music and a raw, unfiltered human side, treading on Menezes’ “Swan Palace” is to be received by an intense gravitational attraction. Where the air is more unbreathable and his weight is stuck intensely on his shoulders, a delicate and warm shake lingers on the walls; a palpable sensitivity and a familiar state of stillness shelters us under his cloak. This year he published “No Miracles”, his first album, by the Lisbon label RottenFresh and also the EP “Bruised Grills Eternal Tears” as 7777 の天使, a duo he shares with DRVGジラ, by the Berliner Soul Feeder.


FARWARMTH is the alter ego of Afonso Arrepia Ferreira, musician and producer who lives from constant experimentation and co-creation, being part of the duos HRNS and Purga. This year he released the album “Momentary Glow” edited by the British Planet Mu, a work described by himself as an emotional resonance, composed by connections between time, sound, and the human being. It is through friend recordings and improvisations of various cello, flute and other acoustic instruments processed and modeled later, that we arrive at the sonic superstructure of Afonso.

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