Rama em Flor Closing Party for the Architecture Triennial

Galeria Zé dos Bois

One of the key moments of Rama em Flor happens on saturday, 30th of june, with a closing party for the Architecture Triennial of Lisbon, in partnership with Zé dos Bois Gallery and BRAVE.

The Raincoats

Anti-heroines of the female condition, The Raincoats influenced all the riot girls on the planet simply by challenging what the times wanted to impose on them. “Being a woman”, argued Ana da Silva in a manifesto given in 1980, “is as much to feel in the feminine and express in the feminine as (at least for now) to react against what it is said that a woman should be. This contradiction creates chaos in our lives and if we want to be real, we have to neglect what has been imposed on us, we have to create our lives in a new way”.

Fortunately, time has allowed the world to wake up and The Raincoats have been elevated to the condition of inspiring muses of women and men who do not conform to the rules, who see guitars and violins, drums and microphones as tools of urgent expression and who understand that noise can be another measure for beauty.

“Looking in The Shadows”, released in 1996 by Rough Trade in England and Geffen in the United States, was the ultimate consequence of the late recognition of the talent that had originally earned a trio of albums now regarded as classics, authentic hymns of freedom, the affirmation of a progressive female condition, imagination and overcoming, the breaking down of barriers and prejudice, winning the admiration of Johnny Lydon, Kurt Cobain and Sonic Youth.

Deena Abdelwahed

After attending the first edition of Rama em Flor in 2016 with an experimental live set, Deena Abdelwahed’s work has become an international reference for dance music. A tapestry intrinsically woven with notions of sound that lead to conceptions of gender and nationality, in a post-oriental, ‘post-bullshit’ future and ready for a bumpy future, gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the long-awaited return of this Tunisian artist to Portugal.

Caroline Lethô (live)

Caroline Lethô, one of the most innovative composers and DJs of the avant-garde dance music scene operating in Lisbon, represents for many a paradigm shift in the city. Her productions reveal her love for experimentation and a growing confidence to break the established boundaries. Having played at some of Portugal’s main clubs, parties and festivals, in addition to carrying out her own creative projects, Lethô was one of those selected to represent Portugal at the 2018 edition of the renowned Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin. Before, she will perform live at Rama em Flor with her inebriating and uncompromising new electronic work.

Vaiapraia e as Rainhas do Baile

Punk trio committed to create poetic images through sincere and immediate pop songs. The debut album “1755” is the result of a work of symbiosis in band. This is a song that sometimes cheers us up and appeals to action, and for others leads us on the wandering path of desire. In addition to the explicit and honest lyrics that some align with the musical trend that is called queercore, the work of the trio goes beyond this category, adopting, for example, both the energy of garage rock and the energy of chewing gum pop.

Intera (DJ set)

Intera, a group of electronic dance music producers, brings to the closing party of RAMA EM FLOR an intermittent soundtrack, inclusive and diverse, between concerts. As a group that works to create a safe space for collaborative projects between different generations and art forms, Intera is an invitation to musical freedom, away from labels or judgments, and involving some of the most original talents of the Lisbon night. Their approach to sound and cultural statement conveys a sense of freedom in the age of saturation.

Candy Diaz (DJ set)

Candy Diaz (aka Ana Farinha) is the co-author of SBSR’s radio programme “Floresta Encantada” and also ex-member of the bands Les Baton Rouge e Women Non Stop.

She presents a set that explores the universe of The Raincoats, under the influence of the boiling and hyperactive punk of X-Ray Spex, the atmospheric dub of New Age Steppers and a countless number of references that will be the ideal excuse for the beginning of our party.

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