Festival Rescaldo

— Bezbog ⟡ Poly Vuduvum ⟡ João Carreiro & Mariana Dionísio

Galeria Zé dos Bois

João Carreiro + Mariana Dionísio ©Mário Mar
Poly Vuduvum ©Nuno Bernardo
Berzog ©Jade Pomar

New year, new Rescaldo. The festival that has been, since 2007, one of the privileged spaces to feel the creative pulse of the country, in all that is most unclassifiable and challenging, returns to Lisbon.

In its thirteenth edition, it occupies, for five days, as many other spaces in the capital, with proposals that faithfully mirror the diversity of sound places in its program.

Between contemporary academic composition and self-taught experimentation, between jazz and electronica, through unimagined mixtures and unique collaborations exclusively conceived for the festival, Rescaldo continues to affirm the aesthetic, social and generational diversity that keeps alive the personal and collective miracle that is the making, thinking, feeling and exploring of Sound in its infinite possibilities.

João Carreiro + Mariana Dionísio "Réquiem"

João Carreiro and Mariana Dionísio are two musicians of exceptional qualities and scandalously young ages, whose affirmation over the last couple of years has been blazing. The first, guitarist, made his debut in 2022 as leader on the record “Pequenos desastres” (Small Disasters), surrounded by serious, multigenerational jazz talent in Portugal, and the second, vocalist, has been drawing a plural and inspired trajectory in collaboration with percussionists, trumpeters, and other voices also tangential to the most remote territories of jazz in the country.

Together, in Rescaldo, they pursue their new-found mutual interest in liturgical music associated with funeral rites, proposing to present an improvised requiem, “naked and fragile” because it is necessarily intimate and minimal, putting on stage instinct, sensitivity, and exploration – ad-hoc evocation of fear and beauty as they deign to appear to them.

Mariana Dionísio – voice / João Carreiro – guitar, electronics

Poly Vuduvum

Fortunately, this duo/encounter between Diana Policarpo (a celebrated visual artist, but increasingly a full-fledged and truly multidisciplinary artist) and Marta ‘Vuduvum’ Von Calhau! (one half of one of the most idiosyncratic art-total collective in the country, Calhau!) is appearing more and more frequently on Portuguese stages.

This is an encounter that is always of the dimension of the unexpected – of the artists with themselves, of Sound as a possibility of hidden doors that open. There is percussion played in the dimension of the magical revelation of rhythm, there are words in the form of onomatopoeia, palindromes, surrealism that comes from the ever-renewed amazement with language, there are electronics and acoustics above and beyond electro-acoustics. A happy appearance that is a Theater of meaning extraction and act of re-creation of Listening.

Marta Vuduvum – electronics, objects, voice / Diana Policarpo – electronics, percussion


Bezbog are David Machado and Dora Vieira, a duo from the north of Portugal that marks, in 2023, ten years of joint creation in movement through almost all the recognizable interstices of avant-garde music, entwined by a spirit of absolute freedom towards sound and what it can be and offer.

Always between the thresholds of anything that is subject to naming and arranging, Bezbog’s music, made with saxophone, computer, whistles, percussion, ukuleles, trumpets, radios and a whole panoply of less common sound sources, is a circular journey that feels deeply personal, in what is most universal in each individual’s quest: the Worlds and the Stories lived and imagined, transposed to the magic of vibration.

They arrive for the first time at Rescaldo bringing in their luggage the highly recommendable and intriguing record of 2022, “Dazhbog” – a treatise of resonances of a new age stripped of the idyllic component and under the threat of some industrial collapse.

David Machado – saxophone, mixer, computer, tin whistle, recorder, snare drum, ukulele, mouth harp / Dora Vieira – water whistle, tin whistle, no-input mixer, steel plate, trumpet, radio, sampler

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