Rescaldo Festival ⟡ Catarata ⟡ Lantana

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Lantana ©Pedro Jafuno
Festival Rescaldo 2024

Rescaldo is back for another edition. Since 2007, the festival has been one of the favoured venues for celebrating the vitality and plurality of adventurous national music. It gives special prominence to names and projects that continue to push the boundaries of music and explore new sonic territories.

True to its identity, Rescaldo brings with it historic names that continue to leave their unique and absolutely contemporary mark, as well as new generation creators in the midst of developing their careers, emerging values from different sound spectrums, unimagined mixes and unique collaborations, specially conceived for the festival.

Rescaldo is, as it has always been, a space for other ways of thinking and listening.


André Tasso, Bruno Humberto and João Ferro Martins have been working together somewhat sparsely for half a decade. Three artists whose presence, in various forms, in the links between music, theatre, cinema or installation has been recurrent and always valid, with a keen sense of sound and visual exploration. Living up to their chosen name, given the “continuous volume that plummets from a certain height due to the disposition of time” that characterises a waterfall, this trio continuously collects and expands in a flow of sound sources – guitar, radios, walkie talkies, electronics, percussion – that converge in patient and hypnotic improvisations. In this movement, of uncertain but active progression, they adopt ambient, noise and concrete music techniques on the same contemplative and mysterious plane.

João Ferro Martins – percussion
Bruno Humberto – electronics, voice
André Tasso – guitar, objects


Conjure invoked by Anna Piosik, Carla Santana, Helena Espvall, Joana Guerra, Maria do Mar and Maria Radich, whose presence in the possible milieu of improvised music in this country has been notorious, not only for the unfortunate and sparse female absence within this meander, but also for the enchanting music they give birth to in their infrequent appearances and in the highly recommended ‘Elemental’, released by Cipsela in 2022. Improvisations that erupt in a very organic way, deeply connected to nature and its most unfathomable designs, in a collusion of violin, cello, trumpet, voice and electronics magicked by figures with a well-established and always pertinent presence in the most diverse paths of music made here: from esoteric song to the most liberating jazz, from the most abstract experimentation to the hypnosis of the drone. All coordinates that become entangled in this collective experience.

Joana Guerra – cello
Helena Espvall – cello
Carla Santana – electronics
Maria do Mar – violin
Anna Piosik – trumpet, voice
Maria Radich – voice

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