Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous

— Release of “Volume IV (…)”

Galeria Zé dos Bois

AJD 002

This presentation simultaneously corresponds to the launch of the new album ‘Volume VI – The Sun Rises In Your Tummy & Other Christmas Illuminations’ and the closure of the artistic residence initiated in 2017.

Taking time, repetition and silence as key pillars for sound, Felizardo buries his feet in the blues to raise a heartfelt tribute to the ghosts that bless his music, with quotations/recreations to Peter Green, José Afonso and Fahey himself in ‘Volume II – Sede e Morte – Guitar Variations for the Thirsty and the Dead’, before throwing himself with a pomp, honesty and bravery little seen around here to the colossal ‘Volume IV – The Invading Past and Other Dissolutions’ – a double album facing infinity with the security of the greats. Also finding in people as meritorious as Margarida Garcia accomplices for more or less ad hoc encounters of symbiotic communication.

And it is in that same continuum of constant exploration with a view to an increasingly specific language that Felizardo now appears in residence in a space closely linked to all his work. A Conference of Stones and Previous Things – VI’ is the chosen and succinct name for this ambitious work in progress that precedes the release of the new solo album – ‘Volume VI – The Sun Rises In Your Tummy & Other Christmas Illuminations’ – and where the four compositions of the latter will be reinterpreted in band format on four different occasions, in a process of reordering, learning, expansion and exchange that is basically an act of personal rediscovery.

Starting from a base band formed by himself and Tiago Silva on guitars and Gabriel Ferrandini on percussion called Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous and with light design by António Júlio Duarte, Felizardo will search in more detail and in a terrain that is new to him, all the worries and references that have been haunting his music – blues, traditional Japanese music and noise rock – making room for more collaborators – already foreseeing blows and shruti boxes – in what is according to him and ultimately a rock band, but a very different rock band. And above all a celebration of love.

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