Filmmaker ⟡ Kara Konchar ⟡ Meibi

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Filmmaker ©Daniel Castro
Kara Konchar


The long musical heritage of Medellín, Colombia, has historically spread throughout Latin America and beyond. Even today, the city is a kind of global epicenter of urban sounds. In this bubbling scenario, Faunes Efe is one of the house producers whose journey around his dystopian visions has had recognition beyond borders. Having recorded for the prestigious Opal Tapes, as Filmmaker he operates in the spectrum of the most radiant techno. Berlin soul is felt, as is sci-fi imagery through melodic symbols and sequencers manipulated and taken into the cosmos. More moon than sun, the quasi-ritualistic pieces of the Colombian DJ and producer move through enigma and ascension, reserving space for an expression very close to the meaders of post-punk. With an already extensive and diverse discography, the latest Fictional Portraits seems to capture the shades and shadows of these complex and still, apparently, indefinable times. NA

Kara Konchar

When you first heard Dungeon Rave in 2019, a desolate, possibly escapist spirit immediately leapt out. Dense dawn electronica, laden with esoteric stories, Kara Konchar has demonstrated mastery in handling these rarefied landscapes and so many smoky atmospheres. On the Rotten Fresh label, Goth Partisan has opened new gaps in this largely techno terrain through even bolder fusions and taking on faces and forms already out of this world. A mesmerizing record in all its nooks and crannies. In the latest Estige and Karadeniz the machines distance themselves and dissolve in distant memories to give place to compositions more endowed with light, space and melody. Thus is the new chapter in a once promising – and now simply revelatory – path. NA


Artist living in Lisbon for some time now, he left magic behind when last year he performed with NO UFOs at Planetas Manas. The acid tone envelops Meibi’s unconventional sets, in a clear notion of complex sound architecture and debtor of the best references of the old Detroit school. Fragmented journeys by an electronics that is not afraid of the dark, knowing how to penetrate it and radiate brightness where it is least expected. These creative approaches and resolutions give each performance a very unique identity. There is something emancipatory, full of immediacy and conception, in this wide-eyed visceral music. All essential coordinates and to be kept under the radar. NA

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