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Finissage of the exhibition Alto Nível Baixo

— Guided tour with the curators

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Bruno Lopes

Guided tour to the exhibition Alto Nível Baixo with Marta Mestre and Natxo Checa

On February 1st we’ll celebrate the end of the exhibition Alto Nível Baixo: Invention Cinema, Brazil (1968-78) / War Drawings by Manoel Barbosa, Angola (1973-75) and we will close our public program with a guided tour by the curators Marta Mestre and Natxo Checa. Join us!

Alto Nível Baixo (High Low Level) is an exhibition that brings together two distinct productions. On one hand, a selection of art films by Brazilian artists and filmmakers made during the Institutional Act-5 (1968-1978); and on the other, the serie of Desenhos de Guerra (War Drawings) by the Portuguese artist Manoel Barbosa (n. 1953).

With Álvaro de Sá, Ana Maria Maiolino, Ana Bella Geiger, António Dias, António Manuel, Carlos Vergara, Carlos Zílio, Cláudio Tozzi, Daniel Santiago, Egdard Navarro, Flávio Diniz, Frederico Marcos, Frederico Morais, Jorge Izar, Jormard Muniz Brito, Luiz Alphonsus, Marcelo Nitsche, Neide Sá, Nelson Leirner, Neville d’Almeida, Norma Bahia Pontes & Rita Moreira, Raymundo Amado, Rubens Gerchman, Sonia Andrade and Victor Gehrard and Manoel Barbosa. 

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