Galeria Zé dos Bois

It is tempting and not so unreasonable to associate the untimely music of the swedish group FIRE! with the figure of Maelstrom: that whirl of water that Edgar Allan Poe immortalized as a mystical phenomenon of fetish attraction. A vortex to which the forces of jazz, rock, psychedelism or noise in a sublimation converge in an incendiary state. An open field for a common vision from which everyone comes out unharmed, despite the good evils left by such a physical music. Launched this year, ‘The Hands’ is a new assault on the vitality of this power trio capable of summoning an audience where the obsessive of free jazz, the hordes of doom and more esoteric metal, hardened noisenicks and people for whom rock is still room for transcendence are elbowed together.

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