Laetitia Tamko & Julie Byrne ‘For Whatever Love Demands’ ⟡ Calcutá

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Laetitia Tamko and Julie Byrne
Calcutá ©Isabel Pereira

"For Whatever Love Demands" is a project that results from Laetitia Tamko & Julie Byrne's artistic residency at ZDB since February 2024.

It’s method. We’re bringing the word future back into the conversation.
It’s pure and it’s from the heart, that can win.
From death to life, everything within me turns worshipper.
The moon in your mortal eye, the sky in your voice. Machinery at rest. Fight the good fight, I love you.

Laetitia & Julie


Calcutá, also known as Teresa Castro, a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Lisbon, co-founded the Mighty Sands in 2013, with whom she released 2 EPs and played around Europe. In 2015, under the moniker Calcutá, she began her solo journey with “Love Path Again” and, in 2017, with the EP “Over Night”. She is the founder of Savage Ohms, an experimental-drone band, composed the soundtrack for Solange Freitas’ “Real Dog” and has collaborated with artists such as Steve Gunn, The Legendary Tigerman, Filipe Sambado, April Marmara, among others. After a long break, Calcutá returns to the stage to present new sounds that are part of the album she is working on.

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