‘Frágil’, a film by Pedro Henrique (film + concerts)

— Caroline Lethô ⟡ PeterGabriel ⟡ peterr ⟡ Putas Bêbadas

Galeria Zé dos Bois

'Frágil', de Pedro Henrique
Caroline Lethô
PeterGabriel © Sara Rafael
Putas Bêbadas

‘Frágil’ de Pedro Henrique

Tu estás com muita pressa
De ir p’ra essa barulheira
Passar oito horas a alienar
Mas isso tu já fazes
De segunda a sexta-feira
E no Club
És tu a pagar

Pedro Henrique

Pedro Henrique has a degree in Editing from ESTC-Lisbon and a Master in Philosophy from FLUL. He has just finished his first two feature films and has made a few short films. Besides cinema, he also works as a DJ and music producer and is currently doing a PhD in Arts. He is also a member of the political collective Stop Despejos, which fights against gentrification and privatization processes of public space in Lisbon.

Director’s Filmography

– “Homens do Mar” (2014), documentary short film (school film)
– “Susana” (2016), fiction short film (school film)
– “A Minha Casa É a Minha Vida” (2021), documentary short film
– “Entre Cão e Lobo” (2021), fiction feature film
– “Frágil” (2022), fiction feature film

Caroline Lethô

Caroline Lethô is a young artist with an old-school heart and a true raver’s spirit. Her passion for turning dancefloors into magical playgrounds where all dwellers can lose themselves to feeling has taken Carolina to perfect her craft as a DJ and as a producer. The simultaneously dense and light atmosphere of the South transpires to the music she makes and the music she chooses to play : her spiral of references has acid and groove as focal points of a free (but skilfully driven) journey through the most captivating corners of dance music. The 2018 RBMA alumni has been spreading her magic around Portugal and world for a while now and she’s been committed to using her time wisely — investing it all in having more and better inner tools to collect, play, collaborate, create, produce, disseminate and play more and better music. An artist that is confident and adventurous beyond her years. Sweat out your worries and use your head for one thing only: memorizing her name.


Hard working duo with years of notorious camaraderie, complicity and mutual love, going back to the beginning of Gabriel Ferrandini and Pedro Sousa’s endeavors in the meanders of this music without net – jazz, improvisation, freedom – and that now comes to an end. During all this time, they have grown in unison, leaving in memory public appearances always vital, very little work recorded as a duo – only ‘Má Arte’ by Favela Discos – and extensions outside the nucleus in the configurations of Casa Futuro, Volúpias and a catrefada of collaborations that cannot be numbered. First with the jazzy sobriety of Proper Names and more recently taking on the obvious full-of-sense joke of PeterGabriel. Raising the middle finger at the ‘condition’ of art and the artistic medium PeterGabriel shut themselves and us down with a performance/installation that picks up slyly on the premises of a game created in partnership with the other Peter Gabriel in the mid-nineties called ‘Eve’. Here Eve and her immoral appetite have freed us from the inquisitive grip of God our lord, and so we celebrate space and time without rules. The freedom, therefore, that has always guided, in one way or another, these two. BS


peterr is Pedro from Lisbon. Solid cook, legendary raver. Host in Rádio Quântica, co-founder of Sombra. Music released in Golden Mist Records, Low Income $quad, Fungo, Intera, Paraíso, Artic Dub.

Putas Bêbadas

Viver não é só Lisboa
Mas é em Lisboa que vivemos
Se é que se pode chamar vida
A este carrossel desconexo
(Miserável tentativa de sucesso)
Raios parta o Indie caneco

Ressaca pós ressaca pós ressaca
Esbate pouco a pouco o reflexo
Desse pecado capital que é o progresso
(No seu livro de poesia matraca
É assim que o Abras lhe chama)
Mas as palavras não salvam a cidade
E o que antes era esgoto vira conserva
De qualidade mais ou menos mediana

Resistem-lhe pois as amizades:
Não dá pra conservar umx amigx
Como se conserva a sardinhada
Que consome a turistada
À procura das saudades!
Ora contra tal (gentrificada)
Resistimos bêbadas drogadas
Com o orgulho de bus e ex buds
E de todos xs buds que virão

by Horácio Boavida

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