Fred Lonberg-Holm & Simon Camatta

— invite Miguel Mira and Helena Espvall

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Fred Lonberg-Holm comes back to ZDB’s Aquário. An absolute master in the exploration of the cello out of its narrowest canons, a gifted improviser who meets here with drummer Simon Camatta, a German ascendant musician, who for some years has been walking a very fascinating path on drums. Undermining the forms of bebop or hard-bop through extended techniques, detonations of dishes and garbage, he goes from hypnotic rippling to minimalist rigor in the same attack, in a kind of echo with his American accomplice.

In the beautiful jazz tradition, the concert will be divided into two sets. The first one will be given to the duo and the second will welcome the cello of Helena Espvall and Miguel Mira, who are also idiosyncratic figures in their approach to the instrument, Espvall at the illuminated intersections between folk, psychedelism and drone and Mira looking at jazz in all its most libertarian and communal panorama. Therefore, a trio of cello and percussion, which is something little seen by itself, by the hands and minds of blessed people.

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