Gala Drop

— ZDB at Casa da Cultura, Setúbal

Casa da Cultura, Setúbal - Sala José Afonso

© Sara Graça

ZDB's monthly programming residency at Casa da Cultura, Setúbal.

Gala Drop are a tireless and constantly evolving musical adventure – a case of passion for the material they work with – who draw inspiration from the sounds and vibrations of different places and times, and try through the power of imagination transformed into music to convey hope for a better collective present. Qualified as authors of a ‘rainforest futurism’ by British critic Matthew ‘Woebot’ Ingram, their discography is divided between EPs and LPs, published on their publishing label GDR and on the New York label Golf Chanel Recordings. The band started more than a decade ago in Lisbon and is today composed of Afonso Simões (drums), Nelson Gomes (synthesizers) and Rui Dâmaso (bass).

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