Performing Arts

Gentileza de um Gigante

— Gustavo Ciríaco

30.03 — 02.04.16
NEGÓCIO Rua de O’Século 9, porta 5, Lisboa

March 30 to April 2 at 9:30 pm

© Natália Viroga

Gustavo Ciríaco returns to NEGÓCIO for a creative residency and debut of his most recent creation - Gentileza de um Gigante.

A table. A woman, a man. A landscape gradually built in front of their naked bodies. A past and a present under the yoke of its childish maneuvers. Hands that move and build tiny worlds wrapped in an unstable, wide, disastrous panorama, but sublime evolution. A giant’s kindness evokes, in a succession of miniature panoramas, the constant and paradoxical confrontation between a world made to measure for man and a world that runs beyond itself and its orchestrating powers, where the landscape touches the unspeakable, the ineffable, the sublime.

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