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Galeria Zé dos Bois

©'Women I Love', Barbara Hammer
© 'O Fantasma', João Pedro Rodrigues
© 'Le révelateur', Philippe Garrel

The projections and conversations will take place on ZDB's terrace, respecting the safety distances established by DGS.

ZDB presents a cinema cycle on the terrace, every Monday of May, at 21h, with programming by Laura Gama Martins.

gestos is a cinema cycle programmed around the representation of the body and its movement, as a form of expression and dialogue of the human being. The translation of states of being and of spirit, of the possible forms of dialogue in cinema, through the choreography of the bodies.
The main objective of this cycle is to bring back to the table, to the terrace, to the bar counter, the dialogue around films, the sharing of sensations, intuitions, desires and thoughts aroused by the secret language of cinema.
Taking the place of main curator of the cycle, I propose to extend the invitation to four people involved with different artistic forms in which the body and the gesture can take an essential dimension – cinema, theatre, dance. They are given the freedom to choose a film or set of films that respond to the premise that was first established. The films will dialogue and interconnect with the mother proposal.
Accompanying each session, there will be a room sheet, written by its guest, in communion with the curator of the same.’
Laura Gama Martins


Le révélateur, Phillipe Garrel (1968), 65′
Proposal by Laura Gama Martins

Un chant d’ amour, Jean Genet (1950), 25′
Le Petit Théâtre, Jean Renoir (1970), 23′ [excerpt].
Proposal by Guilherme Gomes

The Interview, Helena Solberg (1966), 19′.
Exit, Sharon Lockhart (2008), 41′
Proposal by Paula Ferreira

The Ghost, João Pedro Rodrigues (2000), 87′
Proposed by Daniel Pizamiglio

Hand movie, Yvonne Rainer (1966), 6′
BOOKANIMA: Jin Tai Chi, Shon Kim (2019), 2’17
California Telephone, Haruko Tanaka (1966), 3’37
Women I Love, Barbara Hammer (1976), 23′
Proposal by Helena Estrela

Laura Gama Martins

(Amadora, 1996) has been devoted to cinema, mostly, as an assembler and art director. Her esteem for human reality and willingness to develop different
artistic practices and their interconnections through the body and its movement, have boosted her involvement, through creation and collaboration, in several cinematographic projects, but also theater, performance, dance and writing.

Guilherme Gomes

(Viseu, 1993) actor, writer and director, co-founded Teatro da Cidade, worked with Luis Miguel Cintra, Jorge Silva Melo, João Mota, among others. In 2019 he won the prize for Best Represented Portuguese Text, awarded by the Portuguese Society of Authors, for your text what a good idea, we come to the mountains. He is the artistic director of CRETA project – theater creation laboratory, supported by the Municipality of Viseu.

Paula Ferreira

(São Paulo, 1993) is a photographer and visual artist, lives and works in Lisbon. She participated in group exhibitions at Oficina Oswald de Andrade, Galeria Fauna and Instituto Tomie Ohtake, in São Paulo, and at the 5d gallery, in Lisbon.

Daniel Pizamiglio

(Fortaleza, 1988) is a performer and creator. In Fortaleza he met choreographer João Fiadeiro and moved to Lisbon in 2012, where he currently lives and works. In yours works seeks to materialize something between poetry and the body, and how to activate corporeality of affections and relationship.

Helena Estrela

(Porto, 1993) is a director and assembler. Your final course project – Heroism debuted at the IndieLisboa International Film Festival 2016 and in 2018 won the Feats Award for Best Short Film at FICUNAM. Bela Mandil, her second film, debuted on
Viennale Vienna International Film Festival in 2018. Helena chases at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, in San Sebastian.

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