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goat (jp)

Marking their position against the Swedish psychedelic troop and the Greek war metal band – and there must be many more examples – with the introduction of the (jp) mapping their country of origin, this Japanese quartet returns to the country riding the generalised astonishment and admiration of 2023’s ‘Joy In Fear’. The return of the Osaka combo eight years after the release of ‘Rhythm & Sound’ – an apt name in its simplicity and comprehensiveness, to tell the truth – and a sharp reaffirmation of a genreless but perfectly resolved language. Starting with a relatively traditional line-up in terms of instrumentation – guitar, bass, drums, woodwinds – the band led by Koshiro Hino tcp YPY reconfigures the approach to this template into music that is as hypnotic as it is physical, with a changing polyrhythmic pulse as the basis for excursions so focussed that we more easily associate them with more exploratory electronica – from Autechre to Beatrice Dillon – than with a “real” band in the most conventional sense.

If we can think of the probes launched by the post-punk of This Heat or 23 Skidoo in the exploration of rhythm, and whose spiritual legacy is today reflected in names like Moin, as a possible antecedent, the flow of sound and rhythm created by goat (JP) reveals a clarity of process and a sense of direction so unique and focussed that it makes a large part of the percussion armada seem like a mere jam band in a circle. Glassy textures, decisive timbral explorations and melodic motifs coming from various angles that mutate in time and space, in a collusion that is as orderly as it is unpredictable, where the mirage of Miles Davis’ moored and fluid jazz circa ‘On the Corner’, the obstinacy of minimalism, the evocative power of Jon Hassell’s ‘Fourth World’ and the virtual powers of electronics meet in the same movement. Music that patiently takes on an urgent, detailed character without ever slipping into technical and ultra-cerebral sterility. Rather celebration and psychedelicism like never before imagined. BS

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