Hilary Woods w/ Gabriel Ferrandini & Oliver Turvey ⟡ Tomé Silva

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Hilary Woods

Hilary Woods w/ Gabriel Ferrandini & Oliver Turvey

Following some UK dates as a duo with Gabriel Ferrandini, Hilary Woods arrives at ZDB in a trio formation with the addition of violinist Oliver Turvey, with whom she has collaborated in the past. She also visits us following the justly celebrated ‘Acts of Light’, the third disc in a fruitful relationship with the imposing Sacred Bones. A haunted and haunting record, it culminates the cavernous explorations carried out on ‘Birthmarks’ and the ‘Feral Hymns’ EP in a treatise where loss, memory, and the discovery of the occult are revealed in a patient torrent of phantom drones. Invocations born from the most diverse sources – synthesisers, strings, field recordings, percussion, or vocals – that are sustained in a fog as diffuse in origin as it is detailed in form.

Featuring both the Galway City Chamber Choir and The Palestrina Boys Choir, as well as Jo Berger Myhre’s double bass and Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen’s cello, and captured amidst the evocative landscape of the Irish coast and twists and turns through Spain, ‘Acts of Light’ never refers to a specific location, but allows itself to be impregnated by a spatial notion that more than geographical, is revealed in the myth of the land. Mystery. Underground drones, cutting strings, vocal pieces of a reality that is no longer so, and a whole wealth of textures that appear here in a relatively small format but full of skills, sensitivity, and values to spread new listening. Magic. BS

Tomé Silva

Quando Voltar ao Chão emerges from months of accumulated ideas, recordings, and improvisations layered vertically and horizontally onto one another, in an attempt to merge these experiences into a single temporal and spatial point. Always sharing a strong connection with the spiritual, these recontextualizations evoke auras that continuously lead to different places from the same starting point – emotional memory. Tomé Silva creates his emotional language through sound – an exploration of memory, nostalgia, and affection through personal-musical interactions.

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