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segundas na z

I fell asleep and had a brilliant name idea for this performance yet I instantly forgot ~ segundas na z

Galeria Zé do Bois

I fell asleep and had a brilliant name idea for this performance yet I instantly forgot
© Maryam Shimizu

~ segundas na z ~ Meetings and experimentation, every Monday, on the terrace, at 10pm. Started by Claudia Lancaster, continue with Laura Gama Martins.

What is the purpose of creating something in order to destroy it afterwards? It is at this point that we stop to observe that building implies destroying, it is the urgency to find new ways. Time usually takes care of dissipating everything that is material, when the human hand is no longer present. Everything is given over to time. Here, and intentionally, the passage of time is interrupted abruptly, impulsively, and instinctively.

The risk is evident. The end result of this moment is the very idea of not knowing what will remain. Doubt and uncertainty move the objects to the water as if it were not possible to let them remain in space. They find in what is left a trace of the past and the mark of the present, an object that has metamorphosed.

text by Helena de Oliveira Lança

Mafalda Riobom, Maryam Shimizu and Rita Peças
They are not a collective, but every time the opportunity arises they get together in a café to talk about feelings and tears. This time they get together to dissolve what was talked about.

Elena B2B Barriga
“Triiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm” rings the bell for recess! All the friends go dancing at a kick-ass party with music for all tastes (as long as they like to dance). An early summer celebration surrounded by strong friendships!

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