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Formed in 2008, when the four members were still in their teens, Danish band Iceage have slowly been climbing the ladder of success in the indie rock scene. With a flair for the dramatic, reminiscent of the Bad Seeds and a snarling streak of mischief curling in under the scene, they make music that’s grand and cinematic; at times its’ sharp edges demand your attention and shake you to the core, though just as often they can subtly mesmerize you into a gentle lull. Their latest release, Beyondless, has been hailed as somewhat of a breakthrough in that the direction in which the band has taken their sound has become a little more accessible and brightened in areas where it had typically been cordoned off. There are horn breaks and whirling strings added high into the mix while a bevy of added instrumentation muscles up the frenetic approach the band has long taken as a mantra.

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