Império Pacífico – ‘Clubs Hit’ ⟡ Mantle of Gets ⟡ IP + Max Dade DJ set

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Império Pacífico
Mantle of Gets

Império Pacífico

The wonderful urban swing of Império Pacífico continues to pave the way for the new electronic expression made here. From the start, the organic approach with which Luan Bellussi and Pedro Tavares operate stands out. The refined melody contagiates the rhythms and every detail in an endless sensorial kaleidoscope – surprising and aligning the coordinates of body and mind. Pulsating and balmy, the duo’s music flows between memories of a digital Africa, echoes of bass music, and an identity that is, above all, proudly mestizo. The relatively frequent releases that are appearing give shape to this journey that will have a new chapter in 2023.

Clubs Hit brings a set of eight themes worthy of a late and unexpected summer sun. The lightness is real and you can feel it through the songs full of peripheral vision and refined instinct – towards other incredible worlds. A true constellation of sound that little by little gets into the skin of everyday life, a record that you listen to and submerge yourself in; a record that simply happens. Besides, Panda Bear, Rabu Mazda, Simão Bárcia and Noiva appear here as guests, widening the panorama of these landscapes – and the scope of the trip.

Back at ZDB, Império Pacífico are preparing to premiere these new compositions. Clubs Hit will have its echo in the near future, but everything should start here, tonight. Not to be missed. NA

Mantle of Gets

Luke Williams (SKAM Records) once again embraces the music releasing void and live performance gauntlet, as we see him divorce the non-azo dye composite pseudonym of yesteryear (Quinoline Yellow) and power through with his new Mantle of Gets moniker. With roots spanning north London and darkest mid-Wales, we now find him abandoning the UK for a stronghold in amiable Lisbon.

His new Mantle of Gets identifier transitions generative spaces and abrasive abstractions, lean machined measures and cloaked melodic pulses. The first quarter of 2021 saw a Bhatoptics designed cassette on Miami kingpin Schematic Music Company and further guest appearances on SKAM Records’ esoteric streaming platform AMKS. Back catalogue recordings as Quinoline Yellow and Tatamax can be nosed through via Manchester heavyweight SKAM Records, London’s Touchin’ Bass and his own Uchelfa Recordings imprint. Live performance highlights include the now infamous Warp Records Lighthouse Party, the Autechre curated ATP, numerous SKAM parties and festivals throughout Europe, and a tour of Japan way back when.

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