Iván González

— Signs of Freedom Orquestra

Galeria Zé dos Bois

©Vera Marmelo

Iván González is a Spanish musician, trumpet player and conductor with a deep awareness of the strength that a collective can have. Founder of the Free Art Ensemble and active presence in the Barcelona improvised music scene, he is responsible for the Catalan sessions Memoria Uno, which gave rise to the records “Crisi” and “One for Butch”, both edited by Discordian Records. Using sign language developed by Lawrence “Butch” Morris (Conduction), Gonzalez directs improvisations for various types of formations, having already collaborated with names such as David Murray, Agustí Fernandez, Tom Chant or Christer Bothén. His broad musical vision, imagination and sense of coherence of sound discourses are reflected in the strength and intensity of his directed pieces. In this unique presentation in Lisbon, Iván González brings together a distinguished group of collaborators, some of the most brilliant improvisers on the national scene.

Albert Cirera, Alvaro Rosso, André Santos, Bruno Parrinha, Francisco Andrade, Hernâni Faustino, Luís Vicente, Marco Franco, Maria Radich, Maria do Mar, Miguel Mira, Rodrigo Pinheiro and Vasco Furtado thus form the Signs of Freedom Orquestra.

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