— 'Acordado ou a Sonhar' launch

© Vera Marmelo

The concert will take place at NOVO NEGÓCIO, being compliant with the social distancing rules established by DGS.
Capacity is limited and the use of masks is mandatory.

After surprising with the demo “Primavera” in 2016, and affirming himself in 2019 with the album “Culto da Brisa”, an album of full contemplation, Jasmim now releases ‘Acordado ou a Sonhar’. Sunny album, of free and purified verse, composed of journey-songs in which it doesn’t matter so much the destination, as the path we travel.
Jasmim offers us a mature album, woven by an intimacy that finds in Nature no longer a refuge, but the necessary mediation between dream and reality. A light disquiet in which we relearn the capacity for wonder, beyond disenchantment.
Jasmim doesn’t dream a different daily life, but rather recovers the amazement for what is given to him. An exercise in attention, a journey that will take place at ZDB’s NOVO NEGÓCIO, having miguel_vilhena’s bucolic keys and a green bass by Bia, always subjected to the exquisiteness of Humberto Dias’s drums.

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