John T. Gast ⟡ Rebeca Csalog

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The concert will take place at NOVO NEGÓCIO, being compliant with the social distancing rules established by DGS.
Capacity is limited and the use of masks is mandatory.

John T. Gast

The long and diverse work of British John T. Gast has been presented through a mutant realism. With a decade of releases in the most varied formats and with the most brilliant collaborations, the producer resembles a shadow that, at the margins, seems to know how to find its place – only to soon deliver exotic objects, susceptible to greater illuminations.

It has been through his label 5 GATE TEMPLE that not only accommodates some of his records, but offers fallow to other artists of similar vision. The understanding that sound and its potentialities achieve a multidimensional reach is the heartbeat that guides this ongoing musical (un)composition. We are not therefore before a watertight musical landscape, but rather a vehicle of fabulous infusion of echoes of UK garage, house in pal plus system and hazy memories of the jungle. Each suggestion is linked by the ambient sense that can be extracted from each one: the rhythmic nervousness, the disintegrated melody and that neonic light that can only be found between the real and the fantastic.

The most recent attention goes to the collaboration with the harpist Serafina Steer. Not being exactly contrasting, it is undoubtedly a unique step in other latitudes. The contemplative nature of Garden of Love/Water Carrier, recently published, is a kind of balm for our greatest anxieties.

This show is entitled No Murmúrio dos Esgotos, and is part of a cycle of presentations that will take place on Tuesdays, in the Novo Negócio space. The first part features Rebeca Csalog (among other references, she has played with national artists such as Conan Osiris or Odete). A beautiful harpist, capable of transporting us further afield. Believe me, it will be special. NA

Rebeca Csalog

Lisbon, 1996.
Attends the Music School of the National Conservatory, where she chooses the harp as her main instrument, participating in several harp masterclasses, courses, and internships, in Portugal and Europe. She debuts as a soloist in October 2012 with the Filarmonia das Beiras Orchestra, and in June 2013 she gives her first solo recital in Lisbon.

Alongside classical music, he has collaborated with artists from various areas, such as Luís Severo, Tiago Sousa, Conan Osiris, Alice dos Reis, Odete, among others, and in various types of venues and contexts.
She graduated in Anthropology at FCSH Nova Lisboa / Université Paris Diderot 7, with a minor in Philosophy at Université Paris Sorbonne IV in 2016; having completed the Master in Migrations, Inter-Etnicities and Transnationalism at FCSH Nova Lisboa in October 2020. He is currently attending the 1st year of the Master in Music (Harp) at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.

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