Visual Arts

Joie de Vivre

— exhibition by Gil Ferrão

06.10 — 10.12.22
ZDB Bookstore

6.10.2022 - 6pm
Free entry

Monday to Saturday
6pm - 10pm

©Bruno Lopes
©Bruno Lopes
©Bruno Lopes
©Bruno Lopes

Livraria Zé dos Bois presents Joie de Vivre, Gil Ferrão’s artistic intervention project. Trying to test the performative potential of each object, Gil Ferrão presents a series of works that lead to interaction through intuitive gesture, inserting the public in the process of metamorphosis of the works activated by movement and thought of each person.

Through the appropriation of recognizable objects, the artist seeks to establish a close connection with the public and with the exhibition context, rethinking what surrounds us, alluding to an experience of collective memory. His work is thus situated in a limbo, between the conscious and the unconscious, exploring the relationships between the physical and material and the imaginary and the oneiric.

The works roll, unroll, spin, scratch, draw. Or they sway, dive, rise, fall. My work resembles a reflection, extension, or catalyst of the performer’s thought. The intuition of our gesture leads to the interaction between our body, thought, and the work. We need to be connected to the earth. To engage, as humans, with our body. We lose our mobility, our will, our experience, and our freedom.

Gil Ferrão

Gil Ferrão

Artist who explores and works on the union of the conscious and unconscious sides and where various materials and media can cohabit.
He is influenced by balance, movement and something that can have a physical interaction.
In his works, children’s games, sports and play are interpreted in an aesthetic and performative way. This promotes the sharing of ideas between strangers.
The audience gets closer and becomes aware and creative.
– “What do we call it?” –
An important question when the object is observed or handled by someone. The body? What body? Who are the players and, above that, who is represented here? Because Gil’s work becomes whole with human presence, without touch, without movement and without action, it can wither and die.
He regularly exhibits his work and participates in artist residencies, since 2016. Her collaborations with other artists and institutions have helped her grow.
intellectually and contributed to the development of her artistic production.
He describes his works as experiences that he likes to bring out of museums and share with strangers. He loves to stimulate the creativity and imagination of others.
He is represented by Artemis Gallery, since 2020, in Lisbon.

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