Kids films on the loose across the country at ZDB

— Cinema session for children

Galeria Zé dois Bois

Kids films on the loose across the country will be at ZDB next Saturday, March 7th, at 3:30 PM! Bring the whole family for a fun session of short films!

In the first animation, a Maestro prepares to enter the scene. Behind the curtains, rehearses every movement. In the second, João lives happily with his animals, but suddenly the prices of the products on his farm start to fall, and he is in trouble. Then, an accident takes our old friend Meg to the Hospital. Is she okay? While Mancha and Manchinhas prepare their New Year’s Eve and the Tumblies are buzzing, Miriam finds old photographs and begins to see the world in black and white. I wonder why? We travel to Spain, where a bullfighter is chased by an angry bull and we pass by the beach, where the sun is not welcome. We end the story of the cat that is watching the bird. But there is no problem, as we are keeping an eye on the cat. Or is there? Discover all these adventures in the March films.

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