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Kiko Dinucci

A major reference in the São Paulo musical panorama, Kiko Dinucci already presents an enviable career, worthy of curiosity and encounter. He founded bands like Metá Metá or Passo Torto and transformed the face of MPB with a very peculiar understanding of samba and its new expressions. A somewhat natural vision for someone who in the 90’s dived into punk and, later on, in the plastic arts and even in cinema. Basically, we are talking about a born explorer, someone who unites tradition and the avant-garde – like few others in his generation. The spontaneity of his compositions makes them immediately appealing and, at the same time, enigmatic. Clearly popular in nature, but open to the contagion of the city. A language created over the years and touched up with stellar collaborations such as those he had with Elza Soares, Tom Zé or Jards Macalé, among many others.

Rastilho is one of those records capable of catching fire – and releasing doves from a top hat. It brings a constant telluric force, in the strings and in the voices; stories of the popular imaginary invoked in a detached shamanism. Balanced between the most psychedelic folk and the sweetest samba, Dinucci signs a passionate portrait of a Brazil of jungle, poetry, and myth. Already this year VHS is another unexpected chapter in the work of this musician without borders: a single and long track based on sound collages and free improvisation. A singular piece that again distinguishes him by his bravery and notion of path.

An evening that will be a lesson of reinvention and discovery. infinite. NA

Bubacar Djabaté

The protagonist of several memorable performances in Lisbon, where he has been living for over a decade, this is one of those cases of symbiosis between the artist and the city. From the Adamastor to the Boiler Room, passing through several local festivals, many were the spaces and occasions where magic happened. Djabaté is a recognized master of the balafon, an African percussion instrument whose hypnotic melodies are combined with his telluric voice. Born in Guinea Bissau, he brings with him a valuable cultural heritage carried by the stories and characters he sings. Solo, or accompanied by other illustrious people, watching his work in development is bliss for any melomaniac. And in fact, the communion felt in his concerts expresses a sense of celebration, almost on a low flame. Music that unites and transcends. A small great gift. NA

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