— Rama em Flor x ZDB

Galeria Zé dos Bois

The concerts will take place at the Aquário, being complient with the rules of social distancing foreseen by DGS. Capacity is limited and the use of masks is mandatory.

Between R&B and dance music, Killian intends to promote a kind of self-analysis in which there are no judgments, only new information. Concerned with the human being, the feelings and motivations of each one, in March 2020 he debuted with his first EP “Flawed Ego”, on the Troublemaker Records label. “I’ve always loved psychology, studying about human beings, their reasons for being and I took advantage of that interest to apply it to my music. This project is an examination of myself; in it I explore what motivates me (“Let Me In”), what leads me to take certain attitudes (“CARE”), what I desire (“Ride”), what annoys me [“Uninspired”].”
He is currently preparing his next project.

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