Visual Arts

‘Ballad of Today’ book launch

— by André Cepeda

Galeria Zé dos Bois

©André Cepeda Cartaz de Ana Baliza
© André Cepeda
© André Cepeda
© André Cepeda
© Vera Marmelo

The event capacity will be limited according to the rules of social distance provided by DGS. The use of a face mask is mandatory.

André Cepeda’s Ballad of Today is a long continuous walk through the city of Lisbon, at first hesitant, then accelerated. In broad daylight, at dusk, in darkness, in the shadow of night, along many different paths that cross, which lead us to the seductive as well as repellent brightness of the financial center and make us descend to the dark section of the sewers. The result is this disturbing ballad of a city, a ballad of the city as an urban system, of today’s society, of our individual and collective existence. Published on the occasion of a homonymous exhibition at the MAAT, curated by Urs Stahel, who also signs the text and sequence of the book.

During the launch there will be a DJ set with Maria Reis, Gabriel Ferrandini and André Cepeda.

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