Performing Arts

L’Après-midi D’une Faune

— Dinis Machado

Galeria Zé dos Bois

L’Après-midi D’une Faune is a solo for dancer Mandi Tiukkanen by choreographer Dinis Machado with original music by Godill.
In this dance, they investigate and ask themselves about a butch femininity that would be in Machado’s body, read only as a male manifestation. They get lost in this choreographic and intimate labyrinth where looking for the feminine is also realizing the intangibility of defining it. This dance takes place where Mandi lends her body to materialize Machado’s trans-feminine subjectivity, and Machado in turn builds a space for Mandi’s body, a feminine rarely imagined and materialized in the history and stages of classical dance. .
Thus, L’Après-midi D’une Faune is about a femininity that exceeds individual bodies, about a collective and social gender experience that happens between bodies and in the places where they cross and meet, in the way they question and potentiate each other. mutually. About how we can become the place where others can happen closer to how they imagine themselves.
Godill’s music neither guides nor follows this Fauna, but rather accompanies her while she daydreams, like a sister or a spell for the walk of this dance of a winged hiker.
L’Après-midi D’une Faune is also about the intimacy of this feminine plurality of the three bodies that created it. It is about taking the space of this bucolic afternoon for its subjectivity, for its drift, self-sexuality and autonomy. It is the occupation of “a room just for you”.
L’Après-midi D’une Faune is about a trans experience as concrete as it is spiritual.

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