Lay Down Recordings c/ Alek Rein ⟡ April Marmara ⟡ Cecília Corujo ⟡ James Michael Rodgers

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Alek Rein

Alek Rein oscillates between the traditional anglo-saxon folk and the lyrically, structurally and sonically experimental psychedelic rock. This is the personal project of Alexandre Rendeiro, in which he investigates and explores his own poetic and musical expression. He’s been presenting himself since 2009 on live performances (solo and band formats), and through physically and digitally releasing records such as ‘Gemini’ (2010 EP, self-released) and ‘Mirror Lane’ (2016 LP, edited by ZDB). Alek Rein is now getting ready to release a new album called ‘Golden Montana’, which will be co-released by Lay Down Recordings and ZDB.

April Marmara

April Marmara is the vehicle driven by Beatriz Diniz in the search for the perfect harmony between guitar and vocals. The songwriter has been perfecting her storytelling art since the first LP: “New Home” (2018). That experience of producing a record with friends was just the first step of an artist that is now ready to show us what it means to creatively mature. The 2nd LP is called “Still Life” and it mirrors a deep state of observation in nature and the sensitivity it takes to be present throughout the passage of time. The album will be out on Lay Down Recordings in 2023.

Cecília Corujo

Cecília always presented herself as a painter until, one day, someone found her music. The secret was revealed by the covers of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan that she posted online in between exhibit announcements. After that, it didn’t take long before her exceptional original tunes were discovered. The portuguese artist, originally from Aveiro, is now both a painter and a songwriter. Her debut will have its release in 2023 on Lay Down Recordings. We can barely wait.

James Michael Rodgers

James Michael Rodgers’ encyclopedic knowledge of roots culture and pop culture, and the collision of the two, provides him with the guile to carve his own authentic path through the world. Some call him a Scottish psychedelic troubadour, skilled in writing romantic neo folk songs for the shamed, damned and the pure. His powerful voice and eclectic pulsing rhythms create a cathartic and enchanting universe of his own with swirling currents of light and darkness. His music is telling of someone who yearns to find an anchor in an uncertain world. After sharing two new singles “Found a Reason” and “How Can I Ever Return”, he’s preparing to release a full debut album on Lay Down Recordings.

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