Lido Pimienta

Galeria Zé dos Bois

From promising talent to a necessary global voice, Lido Pimienta has a decade of artistic signature made official by records, performances, and awards. Winner of the prestigious Polaris Music Prize in 2017, the young Afro-Colombian living in Toronto has established herself as a major voice. In music, and outside of it, she works around issues such as race, gender politics or identity. She approaches these themes with profound simplicity, discarding a pamphlet-like attitude. He often applies colour and exuberance to a reality that is sometimes too monochrome or formatted. Without beating around the bush and without bones.

Miss Colombia is perhaps the most symbolic representation of this sound painting with an electronic base, but with a soul anchored in its ancestral roots. A challenging work for its aesthetic ideas in which the street palenque and the echoes of cumbia gain here a garish digitalization, incorporated and natural. He recorded it with several local musicians, from different artistic backgrounds, resulting in a widely communitarian record. His songs of non-traditional structure are open to the luminosity of pop, reaching an almost mystical imaginary. A fascinating record of emancipation, conscious of itself and its times, confessional as it should be – and perhaps because of this, as close as it feels.

Already this year, the theme De Los Límites opens the way to new chapters. With the participation of Mariel Mariel, there is a sonic spectrum, simmering reggaeton, and stories of knife and bowl. The theatre of life according to Lido Pimienta now arrives at ZDB, in an absolute premiere here. NA

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