Linn da Quebrada

— BoCA 2019


Linn da Quebrada at Lux Frágil for BoCA 2019 with the co-production of ZDB.

According to Mykki Blanco, Quebrada is “a young phoenix making dance music that lifts your spirits as much as it is a direct reaction to the transphobia plaguing Brazil and the world.” Pajubá is an exhilarating insight into underground music in Brazil, taking its name from the cant language used by the country’s queer community. Through crowdfunding, Quebradaraised enough to produce the record and accompany its 14 songs with their own music videos. Described as “afro-funk-vogue,” in its mix of carioca and hip hop, Pajubá lays its foundations of socio-political commentary by creating physical and cultural space for femmes and queers. In addition to Pajubá, Linn da Quebrada is also known across the international arts scene through the documentary Tranny Fag, a portrait of her recording, performing, and navigating through Brazil’s queer scene. The film was screened across Europe in 2018, including at the Berlinale and the ICA, and was described as a film “that’s not for the faint of heart, she uses radical self-expression to obliterate heteronormative constructs of gender and to assert the notion that a woman is not defined by her genitals.” (The Upcoming)

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