Lolina ⟡ Polido

Galeria Zé dos Bois


Inga Copeland (formerly one half of lo-fi weirdo-pop duo Hype Williams, alongside Dean Blunt) has never been much interested in taking the obvious route. Her latest self-released album Who is experimental music? is as opaque even if it does seem to come embedded with elementary questions that might guide its reception. Looping and manipulating voices into strange, lumbering beatbox fugues, Inga Copeland undercuts expectation at every turn.


Polido collects the dust of the days and approaches the funk of Theo Parish or Moodyman. At the same time he has been building a solid collaboration with MMNO. After moving to Berlin, Polido turns this whole journey into something even more singular, with a new album “Time is When” where he assumes silence, time and suggestion as primordial values, in a very special work of detailed percussion and sounds.

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