Longo ‘Our Lady of Pleasures’

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Our Lady of Pleasures was born on a train journey. The body warned me that it would be impossible to put off any longer a need, the reason for which I still don’t know today, and by listening to it an album was born. We recorded it in the last week of August 2022, and only a few months later, at the time of one of the first reviews I received about the project, I could understand a little more about the warning I had been given. “There seems to be an innocence here” I was told. Sousa had become a father a few months before; Diogo and I were about to drop out of university, while Fortunato and João were about to join; Hasselberg was entangled in new poetics and Bernardo, who had performed much more than expected by the person in charge of a recording, was weaving new family webs. It was the innocence of necessity. And all this had been a moment of sharing, that which is up to each one in the division of his own excess. About the music you are about to hear, I think this impression will be one of the most enlightening. Maybe not so much about how it sounds, but about who plays it. (Longo, April 2023)

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