Lonnie Holley ⟡ Christopher Paul Stelling

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Lonnie Holley

It would be a myth if it weren’t for his experience so impregnated with reality. Expanding his field of action through sculpture, painting, drawing, writing or performance, it is said that he discovered his voice and musical expression in the mid-1990s, appearing very secretly and sporadically live in very intimate contexts. Just Before Music’ caught everyone off guard and is still an unparalleled wonder, music as he prays, in a cathartic and libertarian process that assumed a planante form that would be continued the following year with ‘Keeping a Record of It’ and guests like Bradford Cox of the Deerhunter.

Christopher Paul Stelling

Christopher Paul Stelling faces the audience with a guitar in his hand, percussion on his feet and a captivating voice. Owner of a warm, passionate music, with splinters of an eternal traveler with a restless spirit, Christopher Paul Stelling writes confessions, lets us hover on the lines of his guitar, where we are swept away by stories, ideas, places, people. For the second time in Portugal, it will be hard not to be touched by all the determination, poetic and musical dimension that we will witness.

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