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Loraine James

London’s production has been consistently basilar in today’s electronic music. For the many different prisms it offers, it is also from there that we have found some of the most exploratory faction of people who dream and realize beyond the surface of ideas. Loraine James would be in this sequence a way to this reality, here and now. She has managed to achieve a lexicon that, being naturally comprehensive and transgressive, excels in presenting a unique identity.

For You and I revealed itself, at first listen, to be a tremendous and vital breath of fresh air: vibrant melodies and restless beats in a 3D painting of garish colors faded by the anxiety of life in the big city. An essential album emerged in 2019 that put her on the list of the best albums of that year; an achievement hostage to the times, since such recognition was then put on hold throughout the zero year of the pandemic, affecting several live performances and a larger scale tour. In 2021, Reflection returns to bring small miracles and to reaffirm all the magic that was already felt there – a hotbed of sounds in constant mutation and evolution. James disfigures and reconfigures her music, in a digital puzzle where countless stylistic notions fit (without ever fitting perfectly into any specific one). The exoticism of this music is also explained by this. On the other hand, the momentary orchestration of these elements does not dispense with a sense of fun while the confessional lyric unfolds smoothly. A beautiful flow to feel – and which is transmitted to those who listen to it. NA


A necessary agitator in town, Bruno Trigo Gonçalves signs as Phoebe some of the most appetizing sound infusions of the moment. The also founder of Troublemaker Records and collaborator of Rádio Quântica, has been multiplying in live presentations and brought a handful of new releases in the last months. If I was simple in my mind, everything would be fine arrived last summer on the Rotten Fresh label, demonstrating Phoebe’s panoramic vision. A vision that includes allusions to different languages of dance music, ambient music, and other personal cosmologies that define him as an absolutely free producer. It is an honor to follow such a promising and accurate path. NA

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