— João Almeida, João Pereira, Norberto Lobo, Yaw Tembe

Galeria Zé dos Bois

With Norberto Lobo’s bass, João Pereira’s drums and percussions and João Almeida and Yaw Tembe’s trumpets, they could be a kind of expansion of Peachfuzz – made up of the first three – were it not for the fact that this music is another, with a character that is already well-defined. The norm for four well-travelled musicians who intertwine here in music that doesn’t shy away from techniques inherited from jazz – a rich heritage that has been a natural habitat for Almeida, Tembe and Pereira and is increasingly worked on by Lobo – but doesn’t stop at canonical ruminations or drown in free improvisation. Breathy, fluid music, based on Pereira’s polyrhythms, Lobo’s pulsating electric bass lines and wind harmonisations, with bursts of improvisation and fire, which, although not fusion, is reminiscent of some of the fusionist essays we associate with Chicago at the turn of the century, from HiM to Tortoise with Rob Mazurek’s shadow hanging over it, but also Afrobeat or a redux version of Steve Lehman’s octet in its more harmonic orchestral plot. BS

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