Luís Severo Band

Galeria Zé dos Bois

With only two LP’s released – the independent and well received “Cara d’Anjo” (2015, Gente Records) and the acclaimed “Luís Severo” (2017, Cuca Monga/Sony Music) – Luís Severo was already one of the most consensual singers of his generation.

In May 2019 he released “O Sol Voltou”, again by Cuca Monga in partnership with Sony Music. The third album arrived with the concordant shock between the acoustic and the electronic, conciliating lyrical contentions and full of imagetic contrasts, making Luís Severo move away from what was already done without ever losing the center that particularizes his music.

After almost one year presenting “O Sol Voltou” with a boldly solitary format, Luís Severo brings the band together again – Diogo Rodrigues, Bernardo Álvares and Catarina Branco (who replaces Manuel Palha), giving his songs a texture closer to those he produces so beautifully in the studio.

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