Luís Vicente 4tet

— John Dikeman, John Edwards e Onno Govaert

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Cees van de Ven

In what has been a fruitful “comeback” for trumpeter Luís Vicente, this new quartet he has created reflects a network of mutual respect and complicity established on European soil. The trio of Vicente, saxophonist John Dikeman and drummer Onno Govaert – filming since 2015 – is joined for the first time by the brilliant brilliant double bass player Luke Stewart, a central figure of the New York scene and already known in our country. Imposing but never giving in to the weight of hierarchy here, revealing open communication on four fronts despite geographical and generational differences. Both Dikeman and Govaert have close ties with musicians here, with the former also strengthening an already somewhat long-lasting relationship with the legendary William Parker and Hamid Drake – who have also joined Vicente, as on the recently released Goes Without Saying, But It’s Got to Be Said by JACC – and the latter propagating the vitality of the fertile Dutch scene. Well established trajectories, such as Luís Vicente’s, more and more one of the musicians of value and recognition operating from here to everywhere. They arrive at ZDB on the route of a tour that will pass through several venues in the country. BS

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