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Prognostics, forecasts or predictions can’t be achieved within reason when it comes to unprecedented occurrences. LUSOLOSS is a meta-arena for activation and experimentation based on ethereal ideas and their bifurcated and intertwined significances, not yet clearly defined or resisting objective meaning – a space of confrontation with what we don’t know we don’t know.

Like a whirlwind it conglomerates and compacts disparate elements in a centrifugal manner, forcing antagonistic forces to become yet again something else of other. The main focus of this specific event has to do with the basic building block that generated life on Earth – Water –, the potential threats to its potability, and the incongruence on the insistence on policies related to artificial and quantum intelligence, when the essential and fundamental are disregarded and its scarcity compromised. Toxicity, radioactivity, nano-robotics, smart dust, microplastics are tasteless, invisible, mostly undetected to the naked eye and begin to abound. Having this thought as a point of departure, the antidote must derive from conscious reflection on the subtleties of such matters, including their hyper-real and odd aspects.

LUSOLOSS is divided into 3 main phases: Nigredo, Umber and Albion. These can be understood as an operative grid in which different processes merge, substantiate and materialise transitions between states of consciousness: rituals of presence and place, breath patterns and vulnerability, the body and its double, self-preservation tactics, and as a result a D.I.Y. approach to spirituality. Its format, inspired by both Aesthetics of Risk and Aesthetics of Failure, proposed without any general rehearsal, brings forth and arises from improvised engines intercalated with landmarks of memory, adopting bilateral observation,
between subject and audience, thus aiming to verify in real time whether it springs from an artistic source or poetic gesture or whether in fact it proves to be the work of a trickster representing the scandalous “personification of ambiguity” and/or both.

Otelo M.F

Otelo M.F.

Otelo M.F., (Almancil, 1974) works between the Algarve and London, a city where, since 2008, he has lived for long periods of the year. His recent exhibitions include Chama Xamânica, Culturgest Porto (2017); The lynx knows no boundaries, Fondation Ricard, Paris (2015); Interface Makonde e Oracular Spectaculardesenho e animismo, Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães, Guimarães (2013 and 2015, respectively); Instruments of quasi-null consequence, Clages Gallery, Cologne (2014); Algarve Visionário, Excêntrico e Utópico, Museu Municipal de Faro, Faro (2010).

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