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— Mariana Tegner Barros

13.01 — 16.01.16
NEGÓCIO Rua de O’Século 9, porta 5, Lisboa

Wednesday to Saturday at 9:30 pm

© Vitor

A BCN - Contemporary Ballet of the North creation

“The unique and unrepeatable moment of the show, which is only because it is shared with an audience, is not just a theoretical cliché of performance studies. It is precisely the only radical common to any performative event that interests to preserve and re-work In this sense, we propose here a return to the origins, a ritualistic re-elaboration of the show (unequivocally ephemeral) brought to contemporary times, in a process of unveiling at the same time anthropological and mythological of actions and gestures that shape our culture more ancestral (pre-Roman and pre-Christian). We return to MACHA, an important figure in Celtic mythology, the protective deity of the dead, goddess of fertility and abundance, to reconcile the air of time with the mysticism he repressed, extolling telluric forces, eminently feminine, that have always shaped our relationship with the “world” (read: our world-vision). MACHA, the show it will be a cosmic ritual, an experimental pilgrimage, a trans-dimensional journey driven by forces of the sublime, the occult and the collective unconscious. The public, an integral part of any pagan tribe, will be a Witness of a primordial cult while contemplating and acting. In the action space, there will also be two Shamans, an Entity and a Druid, activated by a propitiatory Channel, at the same time abstract and symbolic, concrete and enunciative. With the immorality of this contemporary gesture of remaking history, starting again (“again”) or awakening (“again”), MACHA will confront the observable natural with hidden knowledge, creating a space of tension where Dance ™, instead of discipline, it will be worship, magic, and sublimation. ”

Rogério Nuno Costa, 2015

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