— ZDB at Casa da Cultura de Setúbal

Casa da Cultura, Setúbal

Malva ©Pedro Ivan

Carolina Viana deu-se a conhecer em redoma, dupla portuense de sonoridade rap e ritmo desconstruído e poético, que formou com a produtora Joana Rodrigues.
Em 2023, dá um passo a solo para fora da redoma, em busca de uma linguagem individual. She takes on the artistic persona of Malva, the name given to flowers that accelerate wound healing, and releases her first single ‘extremidades’. The debut, under her own name, portrays the limits of the body and soul and the conscious and unconscious excesses of these limitations, through a raw and visceral sound.
After ‘extremidades’, she collaborated with INÊS APENAS on the track ‘Tensa’, written by both of them and produced by Joana Rodrigues, with direct entry into EQUAL Global, Spotify’s editorial playlist.
Malva is now releasing her first album, ‘vens ou ficas’, which includes the singles ‘extremidades’, ‘como se início’ and ‘manhã’.

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