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Maria Putas Reis Bêbadas

Maria Putas Reis Bêbadas

Cafetra, since its foundation, has existed with different values than most other publishing houses. It has never given in to a system idea, so far it has maintained a healthy and commendable independence, based on the values of true independence. And with independence comes a very important thing, which is sometimes not really appreciated: they can do what they want. Not as a mantra that you send out on a reality show, but to really do what they want. In this spirit, also since its foundation, they have existed in a rare mentality of mutual help, whether for survival, for cohabitation of editing, or for what is most important and what sustains the label and its spirit throughout these years: friendship.

On the first Cafetra albums, there was always a song, “Fetra”, a kind of anthem that each band rendered to the collective. Meanwhile, they have created supergroups, they have had some of them play other people’s songs, and now and again they come up with ideas like this, Maria Putas Reis B bêbadas. Supergroup? Nah, a mashup, something that happens when a star explodes, a supernova to be seen now and stay in your head for years, decades. That is, in a very Cafetra way, if we want to find the best of Maria Reis, we will find it in Maria Putas B bêbadas Reis. If we want the best of Drunken Whores, that will also be the case. Or not. It may be something totally different. What doesn’t happen is this: some playing each other’s songs. No, that could never happen in a Cafetra band. They never play other people’s songs, no matter how much identity they have, when they take the other’s idea, they know well how to make it their own: the idea of Cafetra is so embedded in everything each of them does that, when it passes hands, it becomes something other than the other’s thing. But theirs. And theirs is this Maria Putas Reis Drunk, another inspired idea of the megalomania of friendship, where big songs become even bigger things. Alone they are great, in union they are an even greater great. AS


words can confuse speakers.

TRADIÇÃO is nothing you might think, it comes from the mysteries of life and death, imprinted in phonic senses of flashes, bangs, screams and melodies that make this musical chaos the ideal organization to keep the cycle in the flow of continuous rhythm. Music is solutions through abstract dissolutions. Chaos and Creation is the motto of this group. After reading this each one is at his or her own risk.

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