Marinho ⟡ MONDAY

Galeria Zé dos Bois


Marinho, ​moniker of Filipa Marinho, was born in Lisbon and raised in front of the TV. This meant plenty of early exposure to Cartoon Network and mid-90’s movies, as well as a growing intimacy with Hollywood’s views on love, relationships and overall human nature. Now, as a young adult, she tries to come to terms with what lies between overly romanticized expectations and real non-sitcom life. Resolutions come in the form of indie folk songs which she has written and assembled over the years. These same songs will be collected on her debut album ​~​ (​read​ ‘tilde’), which will be released at ZDB.


Catarina Falcão aka MONDAY is a singer-songwriter and a half of the portuguese band Golden Slumbers.

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