Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force

Galeria Zé dos Bois

How many can claim their share in the development of contemporary music? The German Mark Ernestus is certainly one of the faces that in the last decades has contributed the most not only to creating communities and creasing circuits, but to connecting lost points between geographies and eras – projecting a near future. As founder of the mythical Hard Wax record shop, he created a regular hangout for djs, collectors and other enthusiasts. With the duo Basic Channel, he opened horizons in deep techno with dub overtones, in a record which is absolutely influential to this day. There was also the inspiration to form the historic Rhythm & Sound (alongside Moritz von Oswald) and in more recent years, to immerse himself in African music, in multiple projects and collaborations. Many other lives have happened in between. A whole path that speaks for itself.

Ndagga Rhythm Force reinforces Ernestus’ long passion for minimalism and polyrhythmics. When in 2014 he brought together some of the best percussionists in Senegal, he embarked on joint studio sessions, resulting in the Jeri-Jeri project. Absolute fire that years later gave way to this more select ensemble, with which he is currently performing. The communication that takes place in this cultural bridge is far from the infinite incursions of mere stylistic content; perhaps what best distinguishes this incarnation is a mutual feeling of respect and curiosity, founded on some experimentation and method. Qualities that explain the deeply organic nature of this collective energy. More than the alignment and squareness of rhythms and melodies, each detail seems to take on a role and a moment whose forms also mutate. Exemplary in what it proposes and how it makes it possible, Ndagga Rhythm Force is an eternal dream, now realized. NA

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