segundas na z

Me dê a mão ~ segundas na z

— by Ylana Yaari

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Me dê a mão © Ylana Yaari

~ Mondays at z ~ Meetings and experimentation every Monday on the terrace at 10pm. Started by Claudia Lancaster, they continue with Laura Gama Martins.

or the beginning of what ends you
And you are the beginning of my end

In her projects, Ylana Yaari (1999, São Paulo, Brazil) seeks to reflect her experiences and questions about society. The importance of internal understanding, nonconformity with imposed affirmations, the possibilities of interpretations in relation to the feeling of belonging in analogy with the roots that drive her to create her works, are the motto for her exploration of different strands in the field of painting, sculpture and textiles.

Arrlomp was born in Cape Verde and, like a bolt of lightning, travels the world sharing her music, allowing for a geographical connection of rhythms and grooves that accompany each other, mixing, always with a lot of love and the delicacy of a bolt of positive energy.

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