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Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore
Minta & The Brook Trout

Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore

If there is one thing that characterizes Baird’s work, it is her constant action translated into an extensive and multifaceted work. During the previous decade, when the inheritance of folk, in its most primitive spectrum, inspired new incarnations and reinterpretations, it played a decisive role in the scenario. On one hand, the communion between the mist of electricity and the sacred of the continent’s native music was portrayed with an almost baroque sensitivity. On the other hand, much of her career has been done through collaborations, in an honest and fruitful exchange of languages and artistic experiences. Don’t Weight Down the Light, was the last cosmic offering, which gathered a set of timeless sound escapes.

From Lattimore’s work, it has to be said that only compliments hover. First of all, for the aesthetic innovation applied to an instrument as mystical and also as full of clichés as the harp. It is not limited to exploring the most obvious thing the instrument conveys, namely the heavenly sensations that have long been present in Ancient History books. The apparent natural limitations are tested by you by notions of deep hearing and by the resource of digital material.

Ghost Forests is the album that brings together these two magnificent ones for the first time in studio. The official edition will be out in November of this year, but the duo comes to ZDB in an unprecedented presentation of what we can hear there. A real summons of bigger things and a naturally unmissable meeting.

Minta & The Brook Trout

Minta’s story began in 2006 – when everything happened on MySpace – as a vehicle for the home recordings of Francisca Cortesão. It was in 2009 that the name Minta & The Brook Trout was born, while the solo project was transformed into a band, on the basis of which are, since then, the succinct songs of Francisca and the minimal arrangements of Mariana Ricardo. This duo, in recordings and concerts, has been revolving around a cast of extremely talented musicians.

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