Visual Arts

Best friends 4 life

— by Ivo

14.04 — 21.05.05

Ivo’s work is developed in two main areas: his work in the studio, and his research and study trips. Within the scope of the first, his painting takes on a more permanent character, exploring supports such as canvas, wood and tiles, and recording materials such as oil and acrylic and, more recently, serigraphy. The second part, which he likes to call “traveling studio”, has a more fleeting character, linked to everyday life, to travel, where he explores the most diverse recording materials on paper and fabric supports. In this latter context, he has maintained his Graphic Diaries since 1995. From 1997 to 1999, Ivo was invited to develop his work, under the guidance of the painter Luísa Soeiro, at the São Paulo Association of Ateliers, in Lisbon and maintains, an individual atelier at Galeria Zé dos Bois since 1999. In October 2000 he traveled to Brazil for 4 months in search of new creative dynamics, where he contacted several local artists from a studio in S. Salvador da Bahia. In February 2002 he traveled to India, where he remained for over a year with a studio in Panjim and presented a solo exhibition.
The pieces in Ivo’s exhibition at the ZDB were created after his return from Goa. They reflect a set of references resulting from the influence of Hindu and tribal culture, which is manifested in the creative universe, in the choice of tones and in the level of complexity of elements of composition.

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