Menino da Mãe ⟡ Dianna Excel

© Vera Marmelo
© Sandra Varela

The concert will take place at NOVO NEGÓCIO, being compliant with the social distancing rules established by DGS.
Capacity is limited and the use of masks is mandatory.

Menino da Mãe

Presents O Que Teriam Ouvido Se Estivessem Calados

On the eve of the release of his debut album – 2020 by Extended – Bernardo Bertrand reimagines Menino de Mãe with a performance designed for the very appropriate space of ZDB’s NOVO NEGÓCIO. Entitled O Que Teriam Ouvido Se Estivessem Calados, this conjuring of Menino da Mãe emerges as the effect of this period of isolation that marked a return to writing in an almost compulsive way. Catharsis, a recurrent feeling of Menino da Mãe’s urban experiences, is made here, more than ever, of the word. Spoken word that goes against the silence and, having its centre of action there, struggles bravely and restlessly with the layers of noise-mantra invoked by Aires and Sal Grosso – tcp Peak Bleak -, conducted by the light design of Sebastião Pinto – a figure of body and mind present in much of the work of the poet, musician and DJ from Linda-a-Velha. Because it’s from this and other cities that this is made, and maybe, if you’re quiet, you’ll find yourself here somewhere. BS

Dianna Excel

Presents XL

XL is the debut album by Dianna Excel. Throughout the 12 tracks we travel between sonic registers expressed in a liquid manner and a constant movement, which plays with the expectations of her own sound. It reflects how she feels as a trans woman, navigating the beginning of her hormonal transition journey. An emotional intensity that can be so hard, so soft and so melodic at the same time.
This collection of explosive, emotional and introspective tracks are centred on her voice as a structural guide. With a less conventional approach, Dianna focuses on the textural evolution and ambience of her sounds. In the themes of her lyrics, honesty, the line between fiction and the real, transformation and that same feeling towards the body prevail.

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