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Meth Math

Meth Math

The continuous blending of electronic music has allowed for unusual and essentially futuristic dreams. One of the current epicenters of this change in perceptions of Latin music has sprung from the Mexican town of Hermosillo. Ángel Ballesteros, who currently lives in the country’s capital, is a counter-cultural agitator at heart. Between design, visual arts, and curating parties and exhibitions, she takes on the role of lead singer in Meth Math – together with producers error.error and Bonsai Babies. Starting from the foundations of reggaeton, the band’s imagery takes on a multiplicity of tones and forms by combining avant-garde pop elements, rave spirit, and a contagious iconoclasm. If the aesthetic reconfigurations of Isabella Lovestory, Amnesia Scanner, Tomassa Del Real or Charli XCX around this emancipated reality were key to this understanding, Meth Math will be a manifest intention of this magnificent boiling genetics. Truly misaligned music, as it should be, capable of imagining extravagant and seductive morphologies.

Chupetones appears in 2024 as a postcard introducing a journey that has aroused curiosity and generated fascination. With the support of magician Nick Léon (Rosalía, DJ Python, et al), the record brings a vortex of emotions, sometimes in antithesis of states, sometimes in agglutination and crystallisation of the moment – and perhaps it is in this limbo, and dualism of things, that Meth Math reveals its magnetism. In a somewhat dystopian but celebratory vision of an inevitable tragedy, Meth Math reveal their magnetism.


Viegas is one of the names to keep in mind if you want to get to the pulse of Lisbon’s electronic underground. Closely involved with the queer clubbing scene, both as a promoter and as a DJ, he founded ARVI in 2020, a collective that aims to break down musical expectations of genres within a rave, mixing avant-garde club music with urban and pop sounds, as well as heavier electronic music, and there’s always room for live performances and multimedia art.

His sets reflect the spirit of the collective he founded and are inspired by the history and peripheries of dance music. A fan of melancholic synthesisers, fast-paced ghettotech tracks, trance-inducing patterns, acid bass lines and groovy, sensual beats, watching him mix is always an unpredictable journey, one that has to be experienced in the moment.

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