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segundas na z

Microphone Shake & Passage to Crystallization ~ segundas na z

— com MRKA e Xavier Paes

Galeria Zé dos Bois

MRKA performance
Passage to Crystallization

‘Microphone Shake’ is a visual representation of the body motion using a spray paint can as a maraca. It was originally presented at Pop;68 (Cologne, 2020) as part of Lucas’ solo exhibition ‘Maraca Machine’. This will be the first time performing it together with Xavier Paes.

‘Passage to Crystallization’ is a piece that mixes performance, sound and image. A meta-score arranged in a numatic scape that seeks to explore and reflect on the relationship between music, noise, time, movement and musical notation through the means of drawing and audio amplification.

MRKA, aka Lucas Benaroch, is an artist and creative director from Madrid. Lucas explores the mundane through his New York-trained hyper-alert eye and brain which, intertwined with his love for graphic and motion design, transforms itself into a language that is versatile in both style and medium. MRKA is a graduate of Communication Design & Technology from Parsons The New School of Design. He has been invited to speak at Central Saint Martins and his work is part of Harvard University’s permanent collection.

Xavier Paes is a transdisciplinary artist based in Porto, with a practice that unfolds between sound, performance and visual arts, being influenced by ideas such as echo and ecology, noise, gleaning, circular breathing, resonant bodies, the ontology of things and the contemporary condition. His work has been exhibited in places such as Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto Municipal Gallery, Villa Arson (FR), STUK (BE), Estrela Decadente, Overtoon (BE), Ponto d’Orvalho, Centro de Arte Oliva and Stichting Centrum (NL).

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